LG V20 TPU Case 10000mAh


LG V20 TPU Slim Case w 10000mAh Extended Battery

  • The world’s highest capacity LG V20 battery @10000mAh which triples the original capacity. Keep your smartphone alive all day.
  • Patented Design- patent #: US D700,39 s – the original innovator of the world’s largest capacity TRICELL extended battery.
  • Full edge wrap soft TPU case brings all-around protection. World’s only manufacturer to integrate both back cover with case for ultimate drop protection.
  • 180 days ZeroLemon Guarantee Warranty. Longest warranty period in market; 24 hours / 7 days a week support; 100% Zero Defect Guarantee.
  • Case Dimension: 16.43 × 8.26 × 2.08 cm
  • Weight: 8.12 oz (230 g)

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