Galaxy S10 Battery Case 8000mAh


  • Extend around 150% Power to the Galaxy S10 – The powerful 8000mAh Li-polymer extended battery provides around 150% more battery life to the Galaxy S10. Keep your Galaxy S10 alive all day.
  • Full Edge Protection – ZeroLemon Slim Power soft TPU case offers 360° protection, protecting your Galaxy S10 from scratches and other daily wears and tears. Feel confident with a phone case that delivers reliable protection all day.
  • Sync Phone to Computer – File transfer technology supported. No need to take the battery case off when transferring data between the Galaxy S10 and a computer.
  • Fast charging is supported during the wall-charge by passing the fast-charge through the case. The Battery Case does not fast charge when charging from battery case to phone. Dex APP cannot pass through the case.
  • Intelligent Power Indicator – 4 LED lights indicate the battery levels and charging status. An integrated button allows you to choose when to charge for when you need it most. Know before you go.

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